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Fierce Dragon Stickpin

Carrington dragon stickpin. (J9505)

Carrington Dragon

Carrington dragon stickpin. (J9505)
A fierce dragon menacingly pulls back as if readying to spring forward and belch a fiery stream.  This realistically animated stickpin
was created by Carrington & Co. in 14kt gold circa 1900.

The back of the stickpin illustrates the care  with which Carrington created its jewels (photo below).  Note the even surfaces and crisp edges of the back that is as nicely finished as the richly detailed front.  Note also, the stout pin stem that is anchored to the back of the dragon with a sturdy collet.  Carrington always took care and time to make sure that even the smallest details of its jewels were right.

The Carrington maker's mark (an angular   "C" enclosing "14") is stamped behind the dragons gaping jaws on the reverse.

Cost:  $725

Measurements:  This stickpin is  2 9/16" long and weighs 3.5 grams.  The dragon is just under 5/8" tall by 3/4" wide.

Carrington dragon stickpin. (J9505)

Chimera and other Creatures

Chimera and other exotic beasts were favored "pets" among jewelry makers and lovers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  A golden menagerie of griffins, basilisks, dragons and other fantastic creatures populated the jewels of the era.  This fierce dragon created by Carrington & Co. is a wonderful example. 

Here are a few more exotic creatures from the past ...

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