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Serpent and Diamond Stickpin

Carter, Howe serpent and diamond stickpin. (J9209)

Serpent and Diamond

An inquisitive serpent slithers up a golden post seeking a sparkling diamond.  This stickpin may be an allegory for the triumph of beauty over evil or the dangers of excessive desire.  The serpent is wonderfully rendered with an expressive face, richly textured scales and a sinuous, twisting body.  Created by Carter, Howe & Co. in 14kt gold,  circa 1900.

Carter, Howe (and its successor Carter, Gough) was a maker of fine brooches, stickpins and other jewels featuring whimsical and mythological creatures.  Founded in 1841,  the firm was based in Newark, New Jersey and remained in operation until the early 1930s.  The firm's maker's mark,  an arrowhead surrounding a "C",  is stamped on the reverse of the serpent's head just to the right of the "14K" precious metal mark (see photo below).

Cost:  Although this elegant stickpin has sold,  you will find many more
fine stickpins in the Antique Stickpin Gallery.

Measurements:  This 14kt gold stickpin is 2 5/8" long and weighs 1.8 grams.  The serpent is  17/32" tall by  17/32" wide.

Carter, Howe serpent and diamond stickpin. (J9209)

Carter, Howe serpent and diamond stickpin. (J9209)

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