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Fierce Lion Stickpin

Fierce lion stickpin. (J9216)

Fierce Lion!

A fierce lion stares with fiery red eyes and a menacing maw.  The regal image is beautifully sculpted with a rich flowing mane, bristling whiskers and menacing teeth.  Guess who's for dinner!  Crafted in 14kt gold,  circa 1910.

In the decades around 1900,  jewelry makers and the sartorially sophisticated delighted in an elegant menagerie of exotic beasts and fantastic creatures.  Miniature roaring lions, griffins, centaurs, golden scarabs and dragons embellished the stickpins, cufflinks and other small jewels of the era.  This beautifully rendered stickpin is a wonderful example.

The reverse of the stickpin is as well crafted as the front (see photo below).  Note the sturdy back plate which secures and stabilizes the front and the secure pin stem which safely holds the stickpin on a lapel, jacket or tie.  Beneath the pin stem a circular plaque offers several clues to the maker and age of the jewel (further discussion below).

Cost:  Although this elegant stickpin has sold,  you will find many more
fine stickpins in the Antique Stickpin Gallery.

Measurements:  This 14kt gold stickpin is  2 1/2" long and weighs 2.0 grams.  The lion measures  5/8" by  1/2".

Fierce lion stickpin. (J9216)

Fierce lion stickpin. (J9216)

The Mystery of the Maker

Although the maker of this stickpin has not yet been identified,  the circular plaque on the reverse offers some clues.  The plaque reads "PAT P'G" followed by "14 A K" and ending with "1903" between two inward pointing arrows.

"PAT P'G" indicates that a patent was sought for the design of the stickpin and "1903" was the year of the filing.  This helps date the stickpin to the early 1900s. 

The "14 A K" is a combination of a gold purity mark and a maker's mark.  "14..K" indicates the purity of the gold.  The "A" in the middle is the maker's mark and possibly signifies Alling & Compnay, a maker of fine whimsical stickpins during the early 1900s.  Alternatively, the maker's mark may be "AK" with the "K" serving double duty as both the last initial of the maker's name and the karat mark.  There is some additional detective work to be done on this fine stickpin.  Antique jewels are always best when they have a bit mystery!

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