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Lapis Lazuli Stickpin

Antique lapis lazuli stickpin. (J9415)

Lapis Lazuli II

Twisting golden scrolls surround a mysterious, dark lapis lazuli.  The golden scrolls frame the lapis like the unfolding petals and tendrils of an exotic flower or plant.  A dramatic example of the curvaceous, organic forms of the Art Nouveau style.  Crafted in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Since first being mined over 8,000 years ago in the northern mountains of Afghanistan,  lapis lazuli has lured devotees with a near mystical attraction.   The gem's name is a wedding of the Medieval Latin terms for stone (lapis) and the heavens (lazulum).  The wild untamed forms of Art Nouveau design are the perfect setting for this mysterious gemstone.

The reverse of the stickpin (pictured below) is well crafted with a sturdy pin stem to secure the stickpin on a lapel or tie.  The upper pin stem is indistinctly stamped with an unidentified maker's mark.

Cost:  $385

Measurements:  This 14kt gold stickpin is just over 2 5/8" long and weighs 1.5 grams.  The top is 5/8" long by 3/8" wide.

Antique lapis lazuli stickpin. (J9415)

Antique lapis lazuli stickpin. (J9415)

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