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Tiffany Cameo Portrait Cufflinks

Tiffany sardonyx cameo cufflinks. (J3850) Tiffany sardonyx cameo cufflinks. (J3850)

Tiffany Cameos!

Wealthy Victorians often shared cameo portraits with family members and close friends as tokens of endearment.  Tiffany & Company created many of these elegant jewels.

This pair of elegant cuff buttons was custom created for a wealthy gentleman in the mid 19th century.  The exquisitely carved sardonyx cameos likely depict the wife and/or daughters of the original wearer.  The cameos are set in borders of alternating rose gold and platinum.  Created by Tiffany & Co. in 18kt gold and platinum, circa 1870.

Tiffany sardonyx cameo cufflinks. (J3850)

A view from the side shows the rich depth and detail of the cameos and the boldness of the hand-crafted rose gold and platinum settings.  These cuff buttons are a wonderful example of the beautifully designed and masterfully crafted jewels of the mid Victorian period.  They follow the precept that fine jewels should be beautiful from all directions.

Tiffany cameo cufflinks. (J3850)

The cuff buttons were secured on the cuff with sturdy button backs engraved with the initials, "EBK", of the original wearer.  Although simple in design, button backs could be somewhat cumbersome when single-handedly dressing a cuff.  Thus, the gentlemen of the day would have a gentleman's gentleman or a loving wife to assist in placing the cuff buttons.

This view of the reverse also shows the care with which the cuff buttons were hand crafted.  The button backs are attached to the frame of the setting with sturdy struts  -  the ends of the struts are visible extending beyond the edge of the backs.  Also note the solid construction of the settings which frame the cameos.  The sturdiness of the settings helps to protect the cameos and assure that these cuff buttons survive the next 150 years as beautifully as the last 150 years.

Tiffany cameo cufflinks. (J3850)

The cuff buttons come in their original fitted case with a regal reddish-purple silk and velvet interior.  The silk lining beneath the lid is signed "Tiffany & Co./New York" in gold letters.  Although Tiffany's is often praised for its "little blue boxes," I believe the older cases were more elegant and, of course, carry the charm of the past.

Overall the case is in fine condition,  although the exterior shows wear that would be expected over the past 150 years.  The case measures 2 15/16" by 1 11/16" and is 1 3/16" deep.

Tiffany cameo cufflinks. (J3850)

Name:  Tiffany Cameos

Cost:  Although these elegant cufflinks have sold,  you will find many more fine cufflinks in the Antique Cufflink Gallery.

Measurements:  These Tiffany platinum and 18kt rose gold cufflinks measure 7/8" high, 3/4" wide and 11/16" in depth.  They weigh a total of 16.1 grams.

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