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Victorian Stickpin with Diamond-Encrusted Fly

Victorian Stick Pin with Diamond Encrusted Fly

What's the buzz?

In the late 19th century the Victorians went buggy for their jewelry.   Literally, jewel encrusted flies, bees and butterflies became all the buzz.

This whimsical Victorian stickpin is characteristic of the 1890s when natural themes - flowers, insects and animals - reemerged as a strong influence on jewelry design.   Our fly (we call him Buzz) is handcrafted in 14kt yellow gold and encrusted with sparkling rose-cut diamonds.   A wonderful example of Victorian whimsy and design, this stickpin could beautifully land on any lapel, scarf or hat.

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:   This lovely 14kt gold stickpin is 2.13" long.   The fly, itself, is 0.50" by 0.32".

Full-view of fly stickpin.

Rear-view of fly stickpin.

Of course no examination of a jewel is complete until you have turned it over and examined it from the backside.   This rearview of Buzz shows how solidly and carefully the stickpin was created.   Often antique jewels evidence an extraordinarily high level of craftmanship and attention to detail.

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