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A Brief History of Carrington & Co.
and Its Founder

By Arthur Anderson

In 1921 Carrington & Company, one of the preeminent makers of cufflinks, dress sets and other fine gentleman's accessories during the early decades of the 20th century, celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding.  The Jewelers' Circular, a jewelry trade journal, marked the occasion with the following history of the firm's first 50 years and the career of the firm's venerable leader, Charles L. Carrington.


Carrington & Co Newark NJ Will Mark
Golden Anniversary of Establishment
of the Business in July. 

    During the month of July the well known firm of Carrington & Co. Inc., manufacturing jewelers, Newark, N.J., will celebrate its 50th anniversary in business.  Another note worthy event is the fact that EL Carrington who became a partner in the firm three years after the business was originally established still takes an active part and is at present the vice president

   The business was originally started in July, 1871, by Alfred P Mayhew and Isaac Leonard under the style of Mayhew & Leonard.  The first location of the concern was an entire floor in a building at that time known as 19 Green St. which is now part of the site of the present City Hall. 
Charles Lewis Carrington
Charles L. Carrington

   It was while C.L. Carrington was traveling for the old firm of George O. Street & Son, in 1874, that he became interested in the line manufactured by Mayhew & Leonard.  Through several odd coincidences Mr Carrington determined to affiliate himself with the Mayhew & Leonard concern and immediately upon his return from a trip he endeavored to obtain a partnership in the business.  After some effort he finally met with success and thereafter the firm became known as Mayhew, Leonard & Carrington.  They still remained at the same address and in 1896 Mr Mayhew and Mr Carrington bought out the interest of their partner, Mr. Leonard.  That partnership continued under the name of Mayhew & Carrington until 1900 when Mr Mayhew retired from the business.  In that year Mr Carrington admitted his two sons E.T. and C.B. Carrington as members of the firm and thereafter the business was carried on under the style of Carrington & Co.  In the same year the business was incorporated under the laws of New Jersey and in 1901 the firm vacated their quarters on Green St and built a large factory at 42 Walnut St. which is still the home of the Carrington concern.

   Since 1917 the firm has used the style of Carrington & Co., Inc. The present officers of the concern are: President, E.T. Carrington; vice president, C.L. Carrington; treasurer, C.B. Carrington, and secretary, W.C. Carrington.  The elder Mr Carrington is now 75 years old, but is still active in business and goes about his regular duties at the factory each day.  He entered the jewelry business in 1866 when he obtained a position as clerk with the old firm of Tomes & Malvain, importers and retailers on Maiden Lane.  The following year he went with Fellows & Ostrander which firm was also located on the "Lane".  He remained with this house for three years and in 1870 he took a position as traveling salesman with George O Street & Son. He remained with this concern until 1874 when he joined the Mayhew & Leonard firm as a partner.

* This item first appeared in the June 1st, 1921 issue of the Jewelers' Circular.


Carrington Onyx and Pearl Dress Set (DS8478)

An elegant Carrington Onyx and Pearl Dress Set
retailed by Tiffany & Co. around 1925.

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