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The House Charles L. Carrington Built

By Arthur Anderson

Pursuing antique and vintage cufflinks often takes you in interesting and at times surprising directions.  One day you follow a promising lead that leads nowhere, the next a surprising fortuitous discovery happily lands on your desk.  The following architect's rendering of a fine Victorian home built in Newark, New Jersey is one such discovery.

Charles L. Carrington house.
Please click the above rendering for an enlarged view.

In 1885 Charles L. Carrington, later founder of Carrington & Company, was a partner in the jewelry manufacturer Mayhew, Leonard & Carrington.  Since his arrival in New York City shortly after the Civil War, Carrington's rise in the jewelry trade had been steady and impressive.  By1885 he decided to celebrate his success and provide for his family by building a stately home on High Street in Newark.

Notice of the Carrington house with the above rendering was published in the August, 1885 issue of American Architects and Building News.



The house is now in course of erection on one of the principal residence streets of the city.  The first story will be built of North River brick, laid in red mortar, with Belleville stone trimmings.  The second story, etc., will be of frame shingled with cedar shingles.  The roof will be slated. The interior will be finished with painted walls, tiled fireplaces and hard-wood stairs and mantels.  The cost will be about $12,000.

By 1900 Mayhew and Leonard had retired and Charles L. Carrington reformed the partnership as Carrington & Co. and brought his sons into the firm. During the first half of the 20th century Carrington & Co. was one of the preeminent maker's of men's jewelry including fine cufflinks and dress sets.  Carrington remained active in the firm until his death in 1924.
Riviera Hotel circa 1925 with Carrington house to the right.
Riviera Hotel with Carrington house to the right, circa 1925.

In old postcards of Newark's storied Riviera Hotel (located at the corner of Clinton Ave. and High Street) the Carrington house can be seen just to the right of the hotel.  The house was lost some time after 1950 and in the 1980s High Street was renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard.  A recent tour of the area on Google maps suggests that the former house site is now a small parking lot.

Frequent visitors are aware of my enthusiasm for the cufflinks and other jewels created by Carrington & Company.  Examples of Carrington's work can be found in the Antique and Estate Jewelry and Antique Cufflink Galleries.

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