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The "TH" Cufflink Maker Revealed

By Arthur Anderson

Heidell and Trow Black and White Cufflinks, circa 1925.
TH "Black and White" Cufflinks, circa 1925

Several years ago I wrote an article, The Mystery of the TH Maker Revisited, about the affinity between the cufflinks of an unidentified maker who signed pieces "TH" and those of the Irving Heidelscheimer company.

Since that time additional facts have come to light and the identity of the "TH" maker has been revealed.  Earlier this year while reviewing early issues of the Jewelers Circular (a jewelry trade journal founded in 1869) I came across an intriguing notice in a 1919 issue reporting that the Irving Manufacturing Co. (formerly Irving Heidelscheimer) had incorporated and changed its name to Heidell & Trow Co.  The new firm was to maintain the workshop and operations of the predecessor and was to be managed by Irving Heidell and George Swift Trow.  Heidell & Trow seemed a likely suspect for the mysterious "TH" maker.

Heidell and Trow Anthemion Square Cufflinks circa 1925.
TH "Anthemion Square" Cufflinks circa 1925

Further research confirmed that in 1922 Heidell & Trow registered the "T over H" trademark for use with jewelry.  A copy of the trademark registration notice is shown below and several further examples of Heidell & Trow cufflinks follow.

Heidell and Trow trademark registration.
Heidell & Trow trademark registration. (click to enlarge)

Heidell and Trow Rippling Pond Cufflinks, circa 1925.
"Rippling Pond" Cufflinks, circa 1925

Heidell and Trow Black and Gold Cufflinks, circa 1925.
"Black & Gold" Cufflinks, circa 1925

Heidell & Trow "Big Bang" Cufflinks, circa 1925
"Big Bang" Cufflinks, circa 1925

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