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Elegant Onyx Cufflinks

British banded onyx cufflinks. (J9224)

British Onyx!

The black-and-white elegance of banded onyx framed in the rosy tinge of antique gold settings.  With its striking contrasts and stark beauty,  banded onyx was a favorite among Victorian cufflink makers and wearers.  Crafted in 15kt gold, circa 1900.

British banded onyx cufflinks. (J9224)

The cufflinks are well crafted with sturdy "stirrup" brackets and strong oval links.  Although these cufflinks are unsigned,  the design of the linkage and purity of the gold (15kt) suggests they were created by a British maker in the early years of the last century.

British banded onyx cufflinks. (J9224)

Name:  British Onyx

Cost:  Although these elegant cufflinks have sold,  you will find many more fine cufflinks in the Antique Cufflink Gallery.

Measurements:  These 15kt gold cufflinks are 11/16" by 1/2".  They weigh a total of 9.0 grams.

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