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Art Nouveau Serpent Cufflinks

Krementz writhing serpent cufflinks. (J9284)

Intertwining Serpents

Two writhing rattlesnakes twist and intertwine amidst a tangle of leafy vines.  The serpents are finely detailed with hissing tongues, menacing rattles and bodies that twist in sinuous Art Nouveau curves along the edges of the cufflinks.  Created by Krementz & Co. in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

Krementz writhing serpent cufflinks. (J9284)

A special feature of these cufflinks is that the scene of intertwining snakes is repeated on the backs. Although reduced in size, the twisting serpents and entangling vines are clearly visible 

Krementz writhing serpent cufflinks. (J9284)

The serpentine fronts and backs of the cufflinks are connected with sturdy curved bridges and split "crow foot" braces.  As with all fine jewels, the beauty of these cufflinks is matched by the care and skill with which they were crafted.

Close-up of Krementz maker's mark. (J9248)

The maker's mark of Krementz & Co. (a stylized collar button) is stamped on the bridges to the right of the "14K" gold purity mark.  The firm was founded in 1866 and created elegant cufflinks, brooches and other jewels during the late Victorian era through much of the 20th century.

Name:  Intertwining Serpents

Cost:  $865

Measurements:  The oval tops of these 14kt cufflinks are  3/4" long and  9/16" wide.  They weigh a total of  4.8 grams. 

A Brief Note on Krementz Doubles

In the decades around 1900 the backs of cufflinks were most often left plain or just adorned with the initials of the wearer.  In short, the backs were usually less interesting than the fronts. To rectify this around 1900 Krementz & Co. began creating a small collection of cufflinks with the backs decorated with the same or a similar design as the fronts. These elegant cufflinks, like the pair offered here, are known as "Krementz Doubles."

If you would like to learn a little more about Krementz Doubles and see a few more examples,  please visit our article Krementz Double Cufflinks.

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