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British "LE" Monogram Cufflinks

British 'LE' cipher cufflinks. (J7397)

English Ciphers

The Victorians loved richly detailed ciphers (or monograms) of intricately entwined, richly detailed letters.  These elegant rose gold cufflinks from the 1920s illustrate the continuance of the style into the early 20th century. They feature a flowing, organic "L" interlaced with a Gothic, almost wooden, "E".  Crafted in 9kt rose gold and hallmarked 1928.

British 'LE' monogram cufflinks. (J7397)

These well-made cufflinks are secured on the cuff with traditional British five-link chains attached to loop brackets.  The gold backs are finished to a bright surface and fully hallmarked.

British 'JE' monogram cufflinks. (J7397)

The reverse of the cufflinks are stamped "9" and ".375" to indicate the purity of the gold.  To the right of the gold purity marks is the hallmark for the Birmingham assay office (an anchor) and a date letter ("D") indicating that these cufflinks were made in 1928 or early 1929.  The gold purity marks are also repeated on the middle links of the cross chains.

British 'LE' monogram cufflinks. (J7397)

On the reverse of the cufflinks is also found the maker's mark ("HH&S") of H. Huntley & Sons,  makers of fine cufflinks and other gold objects during the first half of the last century.

One of the virtues of British cufflinks is the strong sense of tradition. Cufflinks have been made in Great Britain since at least the 17th century.  During the early 20th century, British cufflink makers often drew upon designs and motifs from the past.  Like the traditional colors of old school ties, British cufflinks are somewhat immune to the ever changing whims of fashion and time.  These elegant cufflinks are a wonderful example.

Name:  English Ciphers

Cost:  Although these elegant cufflinks have sold,  you will find many more fine cufflinks in the Antique Cufflink Gallery.

Measurements:  These 9kt rose gold cufflinks weigh 7.0 grams and measure  3/4" by 9/16".

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