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Moss Agate and Gold Cufflinks

Carter, Howe Moss Agate cufflinks crafted in 14kt yellow gold. (J8851)

Moss Agate III

Distinctive eight-sided Moss Agates set in bright yellow gold.  These cufflinks were created by Carter, Howe & Company, one of the premier makers of fine cufflinks and dress sets during the early 20th century.  Crafted in 14t gold,  circa 1910.

Moss Agate is a beautiful variety of Chalcedony (a fine grained quartz) with striking seaweed-like inclusions.  This intriguing gem was a favorite among jewelry makers and cufflink connoisseurs during the late Victorian era and early 1900s.

Rverse of Carter, Howe Moss Agate cufflinks crafted in 14kt yellow gold. (J8851)

As with all fine jewels,  you should examine cufflinks closely from every direction.  The backs of these cufflinks are crafted in brightly polished 14kt yellow gold.  You can see the maker's attention to detail in the mirror-like finish,  the crisp edges,  and the sturdy brackets and cross bars that secure these links on the cuff. (Please excuse the dark reflections from my camera.)

Close-up of Carter, Gough maker's mark. (J8851)

The cross bars are stamped with the maker's mark of Carter, Howe & Company (later Carter, Gough & Co.),  creators of fine gold and platinum jewelry during the first decades of the last century.  The maker's mark is a small arrowhead surrounding the letter "C".  To the left of the maker's mark is the gold purity mark ("14K") for 14kt gold.

Carter, Howe Moss Agate cufflinks crafted in 14kt yellow gold. (J8851)

Name:  Moss Agate III

Cost:  Although these elegant cufflinks have sold,  you will find many more fine cufflinks in the Antique Cufflink Gallery.

Measurements:  These 14kt gold cufflinks weigh a total of  8.4 grams and measure just under 5/8" in diameter.

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