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Malachite and Onyx Cufflinks

Harvey Avedon malachite and onyx cufflinks. (CL9531)

Malachite and Onyx

Elegant green malachite and black onyx separated by polished bands of gold.  The bright gold and colorful gemstones give these mid-century cufflinks an alluring appeal.  Created by Harvey Avedon in 14kt gold,  circa 1960.

Harvey Avedon malachite and onyx cufflinks. (CL9531)

Malachite is a copper based mineral named for its resemblance to the verdant leaves of the mallow plant.  Black onyx is chalcedony quartz that has been treated to create its rich black color.  These two gems were often paired in the 1950s and 1960s to create dramatic, stylish cufflinks.

Harvey Avedon malachite and onyx cufflinks. (CL9531)

These cufflinks were created by Harvey Avedon,  a maker of fine cufflinks, pocket lighters and other gentlemen's accessories during the 1930s through the 1960s.  The Avedon workshops were located on New York's westside and the firm's creations were retailed at Tiffany's and other fine jewelers of the day. 

Harvey Avedon malachite and onyx cufflinks. (CL9531)

The maker's mark of Harvey Avedon ("Avedon") and the gold purity mark
("14K") are stamped on the sides of the fixed yoke.

Name:  Malachite and Onyx

Cost:  $725

Measurements:  These 14kt gold malachite and onyx cufflinks have 13/16" by 5/8" oval tops and weigh a total of 8.8 grams.

Harvey Avedon malachite and onyx cufflinks. (CL9531)

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