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Victorian "Essex Crystal" Stickpin

Victorian pheasant reverse intaglio stickpin. (J9246)

Pheasant Under Glass

A British stickpin with a reverse intaglio ("Essex crystal") of a ring-necked pheasant making its way through a miniature landscape.  In this beautifully sculpted vignette you almost feel the pheasant's wariness as it gingerly struts about among the gently swaying plants animated by the breeze.  Crafted in 18kt gold, circa 1880.

This finely detailed masterpiece began with a gem carver meticulously carving the scene into the back of a polished rock crystal cabochon (hence the term "reverse intaglio").  Then using fine brushes (sometimes no more than a single horse hair) the artist carefully colored and highlighted pheasant and flora.  Finally, the back of the crystal was sealed with a small disk of mother of pearl throwing the image into bright, luminous relief.  Truly a Victorian masterpiece in miniature!

Cost:  $625

Measurements:  This 18kt gold stickpin is  2 1/2" long and weighs 3.1 grams.  The reverse intaglio is  1/2" in diameter.

Victorian pheasant reverse intaglio stickpin. (J9246)

Victorian pheasant reverse intaglio stickpin. (J9246)

The reverse of the stickpin is as nicely crafted as the front.  The back is enclosed with gold to help protect the intaglio crystal and the mother-of-pearl backing.  The pin stem is attached with a "rams head" mount, a form favored in the late Victorian period.  Beneath the pin stem the back is stamped "18" for the purity of the gold.

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