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Winged Chimera and Pearl Stickpin

Whiteside and Blank gargoyle stickpin. (J9453)

The Gargoyle

A fierce chimera with the head of a lion, wings of a dragon and body of a serpent perches menacingly atop this finely crafted stickpin.  In his claws he greedily grasps a small pearl.  Created in 14kt gold around 1900 by Whiteside & Blank.

This miniature gargoyle is ideal for keeping demons and other ill-wishers away from a wearer's tie or lapel.

The reverse of the stickpin illustrates how well it was crafted (see photo below).  Note the smooth, even surfaces and crisp edges.  A strong pin stem secures the stickpin when worn and is anchored with a sturdy collet behind the gargoyle's wing.  Along the back of the chimera's snout the maker's mark of Whiteside & Blank (a crescent pierced by an arrow) and "14" (for the purity of the gold) are stamped.

Cost:  $485

Measurements:  This 14kt gold stickpin is 2 7/16" in length and weighs 2.7 grams.  The winged gargoyle is  5/8" tall and  7/16" wide.

Whiteside and Blank gargoyle stickpin. (J9453)

Whiteside and Blank gargoyle stickpin. (J9453)

Chimera, Dragons and Demons

Near the turn of the last century jewelers delighted in creating a golden menagerie of fiery dragons, winged serpents, griffins and other chimera.  Their creations would have been at home in any Medieval bestiary.  This finely sculpted gargoyle is an especially captivating example

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