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Art Nouveau Stickpin

Art Nouveau woman with birds stickpin. (SP9568)

Lady with Birds

A lovely Art Nouveau stickpin of a woman sharing a chat or maybe just a moment of quite reflection with a flock of small birds.  The finely detailed scene is beautifully rendered.  Note the flowers in the woman's hair and the slender twigs on which the birds are perched.  

Jewelry artists of the Art Nouveau era created beautiful jewels which embraced themes of nature, fantasy and often a touch of the surreal.  This finely crafted stickpin was created by Krementz & Co. in 14kt gold circa 1900.

The back of the stickpin is finely polished - please excuse the reflections from my camera.  Note the strong pin stem which secures the stickpin when worn (photo below).  Along the side of pin stem "14K" is stamped for the purity of the gold followed by the Krementz maker's mark

Cost:  Although this elegant stickpin has sold,  you will find many more
fine stickpins in the Antique Stickpin Gallery.

Measurements:  This 14kt gold stickpin is  2 1/2" long and it weighs 2.6 grams. The top is 1/2" in diameter.

Art Nouveau woman with birds stickpin. (SP9568)

Art Nouveau woman with birds stickpin. (SP9568)

The Story of Krementz Art Nouveau Jewelry

Although Art Nouveau jewelry was first created in France during the late 1800's, the style was soon embraced by jewelers in the United States.  Among the early adopters of Art Nouveau design was Krementz & Company, a fine jewelry maker based in Newark, New Jersey.  The firm's history tells of how in the mid 1890s one of the sons of George Krementz, the firm's founder, embarked on a bicycle trip through Europe while on summer break from Yale.  During his travels he became entranced with the exotic jewels of the Art Nouveau and upon his return urged his father to embrace the new style.  This stickpin was likely a result of the son's foresight and passion.

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