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Victorian Amethyst Brooch

Victorian amethyst brooch. (J9540)

Amethyst and Scrolls

A late Victorian brooch with a lozenge-shaped, lively amethyst set in a finely chased gold border of flowing scrolls.  The rich purple/lilac shades of the amethyst play beautifully against the warmth of the antique gold.  Finely crafted by Osmun-Parker in 14kt gold, circa 1900.

During the Victorian era amethyst was a favored gemstone with associations of regal wealth, mystery and romance.  It is easy to imagine this elegant jewel glittering in flickering candlelight on a candle-lit evening in the late 1800s.

Victorian amethyst brooch. (J9540)

The back of the brooch is as well-crafted as the front.  A sturdy "C" clasp and pin stem secure the brooch when worn and the strong bezel holds and protects the amethyst.  A small circular plaque just beneath the hinge is stamped with the marker's mark of Osmun-Parker ("14" for the purity of the gold above a crescent).  Osmun-Parker was a maker of fine jewelry based in Newark, New Jersey who created beautifully chased brooches and other jewels in the decades around 1900.

Name:  Amethyst and Scrolls

Cost:  $565

Measurements:  This 14kt gold brooch measures 1 3/8" by 15/16" and weighs 6.2 grams. 

A Jewel for Wine Lovers

While the Victorians favored amethyst for its associations of regal wealth, mystery and beauty, the ancient Greeks had a different take on the matter.   Among the ancient Greeks it was believed that an amethyst jewel would protect a wearer from the ill effects of over imbibing.  So, an amethyst-set jewel was the perfect accessory for a Bacchanalian revel or even a less adventurous wine tasting!

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